Genius Types income last month was $787.33.


October Income

The compound growth rate (three-month rolling average) is currently at 21% per month.

With 55,415 page views, the CPM (income per 1000 page views) was $14.20, up 20% from the month before.

Income Breakdown

Text-Link Ads: $331.58

    Text-link Ads took the top spot for the first time ever. Genius Types made $181.58 from text links sold and an additional $150 from affiliate referrals.

Google AdSense: $242.89

October AdSense Income

    AdSense income took a drop for the first month this year, falling into the second spot. Traffic has been slower lately, and AdSense income is reflecting that.

LinkWorth: $150.00

    No new LinkWorth advertisers were added last month, but the residual income on the 3 that I’ve had remained.

Amazon Affiliate Program: $20.69

    Amazon income paid for another book to read this month.

Tips: $10.00

    A little excitement in the tip jar last month. Ten bucks from some really generous readers!

Revver: $2.17

    I keep Revver around just to giggle every time the income stats come in. Most of the money comes from this little video that we did of our cat Milo. We like to joke that that makes him employed, unlike our other cat who mooches off us all day.

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