I had the privilege of spending a day filming Brant Phillips, a Houston-based real estate investor who has quickly made a name for himself. He specializes in buying under-valued properties, rehabbing them, and flipping or holding depending on the circumstance. He enjoyed real estate investing so much that he started his own contracting company where he does it for other people as well.

Brant was able to quit his day-job after a few short years investing in real estate. He is proof that it can be done.

I tend to get a lot of flak when I write articles touting real estate as the most efficient vehicle to financial freedom. People invent a lot of excuses about why they think that it doesn’t work.

Guys like Brant just do the work and reap the rewards.

Enjoy this five minute reality style video of Brant and his crew as they take on the crazy world of flipping houses for profit.