Just as I predicted in my November 2006 article, Why Corporations Fear Network Marketing, network marketing is proving to be the advertising model of the future. AGLOCO is the latest company to adapt it.

A Simple Model

The AGLOCO model is very simple and appears to have no downside (my kind of income stream). In short, to join AGLOCO you just download a plugin for your web browser that connects you to the system.

The plugin (which can be turned on and off) uses a small piece of your computer screen to display advertisements. In exchange for exposing yourself to ads, AGLOCO promises to pay you for up to five hours of browsing per month.

Since AGLOCO is still in the beta phase, I can’t report on how much that might be; but, I’d take almost any amount of money for simply giving up a little screen space for only five hours a month.

I think it’s a great idea. We’re exposed to internet ads all the time without any compensation. Why not get paid for something you’re doing already?

My thing is finding passive income streams as a way to achieve the time freedom needed to pursue low-paying creative endeavors. Read Five Ways to Create Passive Income with Little or no Money and Three Steps to Success for Creative Geniuses for a detailed explanation.

AGLOCO is a no-brainer because it’s an easy way to add a passive income stream with hardly any effort.

The Power of Leverage

The most exciting part about AGLOCO (and one of the reasons I’m telling you about it) is this: in addition to getting paid for surfing the web, you also get a portion of the revenue generated by people you refer.

But wait, it gets better! Not only do they pay you a portion of the revenue generated by your referrals, you get a portion of the revenue generated by your referrals’ referrals, and your referrals’ referrals’ referrals, all the way down to five generations!

This is what makes AGLOCO a true network marketing company and gives you the enormous power of leverage. Leverage is what gives you the opportunity to make passive income.

Leverage is the reason why some of the richest home business owners around are network marketers. Here’s why: If you can recruit just a few people who are motivated to recruit others (and why wouldn’t they be? AGLOCO is totally harmless!), they will begin to build an income-producing network for you.

Exponential Growth

The work you did one time (recruiting a few) is now being leveraged by other people. As your network grows, you will make more and more money for less and less work. Since AGLOCO pays on five levels, your leveraging power multiplies expontially with each level.

Here’s an example. Let’s say you recruit 5 people, who each recruit five people (25 total), who each recruit 5 people (125 total), who each recruit 5 people (625 total), who each recruit 5 people (3125 total!). You have just created a network of over 3000 people by leveraging 5! If you could just get paid $1 a month for each person in your network, you’d be making a full time income.

Now, odds are it won’t work out that perfectly, but even a small fraction of this scenario would be worth the very small amount of effort required to recruit a few people. And even if you don’t recruit anyone, you can still get paid a little for doing what you’re doing right now: surfing the web.

Stick it to the Man!

The number one reason I like network marketing (besides the huge money making potential) is that it redirects money away from major corporations and into the hands of hard-working, entrepreneurial consumers. Why wouldn’t you support your friends, family, and peers instead of anonymous major corporations?

Here’s a great example: I joined AGLOCO as a result of a referral from John Wesley. When you join my AGLOCO network, you will not only be supporting me, but also John (because he gets a portion of the revenue generated by my referrals)! I don’t know who referred John, but I bet he’ll comment on this post and then I’ll update you!

Blogger’s Paradise

AGLOCO is perfect for bloggers. Since we already have a network of readers, blogging is the perfect way to spread the word and increase your network. If you aren’t a blogger, you should be! Read How to Blog :: The Manual to get started.

Email Marketing

Blogging isn’t the only way to build your AGLOCO network. The easiest way I can think of is to just send an email to people you know. If I were you, I’d keep it short and sweet and send them a link to this post to explain it for you. (Make sure they use your referral number instead of mine so you get the credit!)

Here’s the link to this page: http://geniustypes.com/2007/business/agloco_passive_income_to_surf_the_net/

Word of Mouth

Another way is just to tell the people around you. You could just walk around your office and direct people to this post and then to the AGLOCO sign-up page with your number.

You might also think about promoting your network on MySpace, Facebook, or any of the other countless social networking sites out there.

I Hope You Join our Network!

Please support John Wesley and I by joining our network! It’s totally harmless and it gives you a chance to add an income stream for something you’re already doing. Even if you don’t feel like referring anyone, it still makes sense to get paid! If someone referred you to this page, return to their email and use their referral link to sign up.

If you’re finding out about this from me, click here to get started.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about how it works or how to market it. I wish you the best of luck, and welcome to AGLOCO!