Income produced on Genius Types jumped by over 50% in April! Total earnings rose to $152.53.

The compound monthly growth rate of income earned on over the last three months is sitting at 34%. If it continues to grow at that rate, Genius Types will earn over $3800 in April of 2008.

Six Months to $100

Last month’s prediction of six months to $100 in Adsense just barely came true. Total Adsense income for April was $100.34. You can bet I was glued to my Adsense stats in the final hours of April. I got that last click to put me over $100 in the nick of time.

Income Breakdown

    $100.34 from Google AdSense
    $45.17 from Text-Link Ads
    $6.72 from Amazon Affiliate Commissions
    $.30 from

April Income

Google AdSense

It was a great feeling to get over the $100 hump with Google. Here is a breakdown of how AdSense has treated me over the last six months.

April AdSense Income

Text-Link Ads

April was an exciting month for Text-Link Ad Sales! A total of three slots were sold for a total of $45.17.

Amazon Affiliate Program

I earned $6.72 in April from book sale commissions. It was nice to see Amazon actually do something this month. Hopefully, I’ll see more out of it in the future.


For the second month in a row, I earned $.30 from This brings my all-time total up to $15. This month, I should start to see more now that I’m producing more video.

Stay tuned for the full passive income report next week!