This income report has been revised because of an account adjustment by LinkWorth.

In an email dated September 11, 2007, LinkWorth notified all affiliates that a programming error had overstated affiliate earnings on new referrals. As a result of this mistake, they debited $300 from my account ($90 of which they had already deposited into my bank account for July, and $210 for September).

At the time, I had referred around 30 new publishers and each time I logged into my LinkWorth account, I saw a $10 credit for each of these referrals. LinkWorth claims that their policy never included this credit, and that it was a mistake to show it in our accounts.

Because of this change, my LinkWorth earnings in July were actually $66.13 instead of the $156.13 reported in this post; and total earnings were $444.48 instead of $534.48.

Genius Types income was up 35% in July, with total earnings at $534.48.

That brings the compound growth rate (three-month rolling average) to 50% per month!

With 43,442 page views in June, my ICM (income per 1000 page views) was $12.30, up 52% from last month.

The big star this month was LinkWorth, which has blown away all my expectations.

Income Breakdown

July Income

Google AdSense $186.61

    AdSense reclaimed the top spot this month. My click-through rate has continued to increase ever since I changed the link color in my AdSense ads from red to blue.

July AdSense Income

LinkWorth $156.13

    I was introduced to LinkWorth last month as an alternative to Text-Link Ads. I was skeptical at first, by my mind was quickly changed when my first ad sold for over twice the rate that I was getting from Text-Link Ads.

    LinkWorth allows you to set your own prices for ads. As an experiment, I set my ad prices at $100 per link (vs. $40 for Text-Link Ads). You also have the choice of taking 70% of the revenue and letting the market decide how many ads you sell, or 50% and having LinkWorth help market for you. I chose the latter and sold 2 ads within the first two weeks.

    After those two ads were pro-rated for the remaining days in the month, I earned $66.13.

    LinkWorth also has an outstanding affiliate program that gives you $10 per signup and 5% of the recurring transactions for the life of each account. Being a cashflow guy, I really like this model of recurring residual income.

    As a result of an article I wrote about Linkworth, 9 people signed up last month for a total of $90.

Text-Link Ads $120.56

    Text-link Ads dropped from 1st place in June to 3rd in July. I’ve just about sold out of my links, but my link price has been stuck at $40 since I joined.

SEO Book Affiliate Program $45

    My review of SEO Book last month brought in a $25 bonus and $20 for a sale. This ebook is definitely worth the money, and they have a pretty generous affiliate program to boot.

Amazon Affiliate Program $13.95

    Commissions from Amazon have been steadily rising with every book review. It’s not much, but worth the time to put in the affiliate links.

Tips $11

    Thank you to all the generous readers who left tips last month! I’m always very surprised and flattered when I find a dollar in my jar!


    Bringing up the rear again, was, with a total of $1.23. I’m obviously not very impressed, but I’ll take the money and buy a cup of coffee.

It feels great to be making over $500 a month!