Did You Get Your #HDW Badge Today?

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Imagine with me for a minute, that we live in the future where society's highest value is an honest day's work... ...not overachieving, or ingenuity, or intelligence, or finding loopholes... ...just the ability to sit at the end of your day and feel tired, but satisfied that you gave your best effort to make something [...]

What’s Your Poker Strategy For Life & Dating? 

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Playing poker is in some ways a microcosm of life. Your strategy will often determine whether you succeed or fail. In poker (as well as in life), there are four basic types of players based on level of aggression and frequency of play.

Welcome to Genius Types, “Creative Life & Productivity”

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I started this blog in 2006 as a young entrepreneur who was looking for something more creative than the typical American life of 50-60 hour work weeks, skipping vacations to move up, and not hoping to see & enjoy the world until I was too old to do so. It’s amazing how much my perspective [...]

What is a Genius Type?

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A Genius Type is when artist meets entrepreneur. It’s not a statement of how “smart” you are, because intelligence is an out-dated understanding of mental capacity and besides... grit and perseverance beats talent every time. A Genius Type sees the world differently than most, and often seems brilliant. But, perplexingly, the same mind is capable [...]

Are You a Conformist or an Anti-Conformist Conformist?

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The most ancient social duality is the tendency of humans to split into one of two groups: The Conformists or The Anti-Conformist Conformists.