What I’d Tell Myself if I Were 18 Again

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I like to joke that I am who I am today because I did everything wrong in my 20's. I've always been fearless, and it often got me in trouble. I wasn't afraid to start a business, borrow a bunch of money, or quit a well-paying job to travel the world.

Why Smart People do Dumb Things

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Isn't it strange how smart people tend to do dumb things? I guess it's one of those paradoxes of life when a computer genius locks himself out of his house, or a science whiz can't remember where she left the pencil she used two minutes before. It's almost as if geniuses are using so much [...]

Critical Thinking 101 :: Duality

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The foundation of learning to think critically is the ability to recognize duality. Duality is a universal principle (like gravity, exponential growth, or synergy) existing in multiple aspects of our life, environment, and universe. On the most basic level, duality is the existence of opposing forces in the universe. "To every action there is always [...]

No One Feels Sorry for Someone Who Feels Sorry for Himself

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It's funny how empathy works. It's easy to feel for someone who's completely unselfsish and sweeps their own pain under a rug; but the second they demand our sorrow, our will to empathize with them vanishes. Paradox This phoenomenon seems to work against logic. We empathize with (and help) those who need it least (or [...]

The First Clue You’re Not A Critical Thinker

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I'm starting to get concerned with what I see as a global decline in critical thinking. The fact that the United States as a country and the world as a whole are both becoming more and more polarized is evidence that people are trending towards banding together in a group-think mentality instead of forming opinions [...]

The Smell of Freshly Cut Grass

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Every time I catch the scent of freshly cut grass, no matter where I am, my life pauses for a moment as I transport back to one of my favorite places and feelings of all time... I used to have a lawn mowing business in high school where I spent countless hours gliding over lawns [...]

Become a Critical Thinker

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Are you a critical thinker? Answering this question is a lot harder than you might think. Everyone believes they are from within their own paradigm, but true critical thinkers are few and far between. Difference of Opinion The growing divide in American politics is evidence of a decline in critical thinking. Critical thinkers don't always [...]

Can Beer Help Your Golf Game?

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Back in my younger days my buddies and I used to play a lot of golf. There was a tucked away course that we loved because it was cheap, laid back, and had very little traffic; great for us because we weren’t exactly your well-dressed, upstanding, country club types. We were barely in our twenties [...]