Five Strategies to Manage Your Self Control / Discipline Conundrum

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One of the foundations of the self-improvement movement is self-determinism: the act of determining your future through your own efforts by exercising self-control and discipline. Inspiring stories of legendary self-determinists, such as athletes and successful entrepreneurs, are all around us; constantly reminding us of our own shortcomings. I can hear the scripts being read now: [...]

The Symbiotic Trinity of Real Estate Investing

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In the business of real estate investing, three major players feed off of each other to spin the wheels of wealth creation. Wholesalers, rehabbers, and hard money lenders form a symbiotic trinity in which each one is dependent on the others. Wholesalers need rehabbers to buy deals, rehabbers need hard money lenders to finance deals, and hard money lenders need wholesalers to find deals to lend on.

Showcase of a Real Estate Flip: Artemis

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Right-Click to Download Quicktime Here is the latest video I produced showcasing an investment property that we flipped in Central Texas. It has been a few months since this video was shot, but the good news is that we sold it for more that we thought we would, so the numbers are even better. Here [...]

How to Calculate ROI as a Real Estate Investor, Part 3

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For the last few weeks we've been talking about calculating ROI for real estate investing. The first week we talked about the cost approach versus the out of pocket approach. Ultimately as real estate investors, we look at the out of pocket approach to determine our personal return on investment. On day two we talked [...]