Alternatives to gainful employment for generating income in order to create your own life.

The Genius Wire

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An Excellent Style Guide for Writing A very rich post on writing. I learned something from all 10 of the suggestions in this article. (Broca's Area) 100 Financial Calculators for Entrepreneurs A huge collection of resources. This is one to bookmark for the future; even if it is from a credit card pusher. (Business Credit [...]

Blog Getting Started Checklist

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If you don’t have a blog yet, read How to Blog :: The Manual to get started. It’s not that difficult and it’s the first step to building your own online brand. In the future, your earning potential might have a lot to do with how connected you are on the internet and a blog is the networking machine to get you there.

It’s not Just a Blog, it’s Your Personal Brand

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A year ago I was not a blogger. I thought blogs were for people who wanted to keep an online journal about how their day was going and how bad their ex-boyfriend sucked. I knew I needed an online presence, but I thought my needs were more advanced than a blog could provide.

$631.58 :: Blog Income :: August 2007

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This income report has been revised because of an account adjustment by LinkWorth. In an email dated September 11, 2007, LinkWorth notified all affiliates that a programming error had overstated affiliate earnings on new referrals. As a result of this mistake, they debited $300 from my account ($90 of which they had already deposited into [...]