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An Excellent Style Guide for Writing A very rich post on writing. I learned something from all 10 of the suggestions in this article. (Broca's Area) 100 Financial Calculators for Entrepreneurs A huge collection of resources. This is one to bookmark for the future; even if it is from a credit card pusher. (Business Credit [...]

Top Stumbles :: Car Pinball

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Here are my favorite stumbles over the last few weeks. I like to stumble sites reccommended by my network of friends, so be sure to add me to your friend network. Car Pinball in Portland :: This is an insane video of a bunch of cars bouncing off of each other on the icy roads [...]

Link Soup :: I Love StumbleUpon

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The more I know about StumbleUpon, the more there is to love. I first discovered it on February 15th, 2006, when I got a sudden spike of 250 visits to an article I had written a month before, What Europeans and Americans Can Learn From Each Other When I checked Google Analytics, I realized that [...]

Link Soup :: Help Steven Aitchison Become a Pro-Blogger

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Link Soup is your rundown of what's hot in the blogosphere. This week's theme is bloggers shooting for the stars. Steven's Going For It! Steven Aitchison of Change Your Thoughts has written an e-book with the goal of selling 20,000 copies at £4.99 a piece in order to pay off his mortgage. If he does [...]

Link Soup :: Posts About WordPress Plugins

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I've got to admit, one of my favorite pastimes is wasting massive amounts of time tinkering with my WordPress plugins. I'm a sucker for "Top WordPress Plugins" posts on other people's blogs. I could browse the thousands of plugins at the WordPress Plugin Directory, but I find that it's much easier to take recommendations from [...]

One Blogger Synergizes Charity with Blog Growth

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Alex Shalman at Practical Personal Development (a blog about self help and personal growth) is hosting a Donation Contest in which you press a button and he donates a dollar. He is going to donate up to $500 to the charity of the winner's choice. What a creative way to combine the growth of his [...]

Link Soup Light :: SXSW in ATX

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I'll be in Austin, TX during the next two weeks during the South by Southwest Film, Music, and Interactive Festival. Besides Los Angeles, Austin is our second home. After I service my bulk candy vending machines, I will be a field producer on a movie crew that will be following some bands in a half [...]

Link Soup :: Integrated With Integrity

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Link soup is where I dig up some good material from the blogosphere and add my two cents. Integrity Whenever I really need a kick in the ass, I tend to visit the site of self-proclaimed blunt, offensive, politically-incorrect blogger Craig Harper. This week, he really did the trick with his article The Art of [...]

Link Soup

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Link Soup is your weekly update of what's going on in the blogosphere. I scour the net so you genius types don't have to! Plugin Fun As a self-proclaimed plugin addict, I was drawn to an article by Alex Shalman called Five Essential Plugins You Shouldn't Wordpress Without. I still can't decide if I should [...]

Link Soup :: John Chow Lets Me Down

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Link Soup is a weekly stream-of-consciousness recap of the blogosphere. This is where you get my take on other people's opinions. This week it isn't all nice! There's always room for non-snarky descent. Bloggin' Ain't Easy That being said, I'll kick it off with an article I agree with. Yaro Starak has impressed me lately [...]