1,023 Subscriptions

August Feed Data

Feedburner feed subscriptions increased 27% in August to 1,023.

It was neat to get to the 1,000 subscription mark. (Sanel called it in a comment on the July Income Report!)

Subscriptions are my favorite indicator of blog growth.

2007 Monthly Subscriptions

August Feeds

Traffic can be fickle, but subscribers represent a regular reader base. The growth curve for feed subscriptions is much smoother than the curve for page views.

Best of all, the compound monthly growth rate (3-month rolling average) of my feed subscriptions is 32% vs. 21% for page views.

32% compounded exponentially is much more exciting than 21.

Subscriptions vs. Visits

August Feeds vs. Visits

There’s an interesting correlation between feed subscriptions and average daily unique visitors.

As you can see on the chart, the feed line (blue) is much more consistent than the average daily visits line (green).

But, in general, the number of my feed subscribers is just about the same as the number of daily visits.

Subscription growth continues to be an exciting indicator at Genius Types! Thanks to all my loyal readers.