Because the original Free Day Planner and Time Management System was such a hit, I’ve decided to release an upgrade. The original version has been downloaded 849 times at the time of this post.

I’m really excited about this version because follows the very focused philosophy outlined by Napoleon Hill in Think and Grow Rich.

The original version called for the user to define multiple goals in long, medium, and short-term timeframes. The new version encourages laser-focus on one well-defined goal.

State Your Intentions

The first thing you will notice about this planner is the goal statement on the first page. Napoleon Hill recommends stating exactly how much money you want and a deadline for its acquisition. Fill in the blanks with your own goal; either a specific amount of money or some other specific goal.

Example: On September 1st, 2007, I will have in my possession a passive monthly cashflow of $4,000.

The next statement defines how you will acquire your goal.

Example: In exchange, I will offer my services as a bulk candy vending operator.

Napoleon Hill recommends that you repeat this statement to yourself for fifteen minutes, twice a day, with emotion; until your subconscious has total faith that it will become a reality.

I’ve also provided an area for a more specific gameplan where you might lay out the specific steps that you will take on the path to your goal.

Three Months to Success

This planner is organized around a whole quarter instead of just a month. A quarter is a more natural time period for a goal cycle. It’s not so long that you lose sight of your goal, but not so short that you run out of time.

Depending on your specific goal, you might consider setting your deadline for the end of the three month period, or longer for more lofty goals.

Quarterly Accountability

To keep you on task, I’ve provided a 13 week calendar on the first page so that you can visualize the entire quarter and goal cycle. Fill in the boxes with dates for the next three months.

There is a box next to each week to record your weekly goal as a subset of your overall goal. There’s also a box to record your actual results.

Specific Roles & Goals

Inside the weekly calendar, I’ve provided three boxes for you to define 3 major life roles. (I got the concept of roles and goals from Stephen Covey.)

For example, if your goal was to reach $1000 a month from your dining blog, you might have to assume the roles of researcher, writer, and marketer.

Role 1: Researcher :: five specific restaurants that you planned on hitting that week
Role 2: Writer :: column, five specific articles that you planned on writing
Role 3: Marketer :: five specific marketing activites for the week.

The final column is titled “Urgent To-Do’s” and is for all of those pesky little fires that you need to put out for the week.

Daily Disciplines

Back by popular demand is the daily disciplines column. List precise daily rituals in this column that you plan on performing every day out of habit. Read The Power of Full Engagement for more information on disciplined rituals.


This planner is 27 pages long and is meant to be printed on a double-sided printer. If you are looking to buy one that can also serve as a scanner, fax, & copier; I would highly recommend the MFC-8860dn Copy/Scan/Fax/Printer by Brother. You can see the one I own behind me in my video blogs. I don’t know how I lived before I bought it.

If you don’t have access to a double-sided printer, you might try printing odd-numbered pages only, reloading the paper upside-down, and printing even-numbered pages on the back. The sheets are meant to be 3-hole punched on the side with the wide margin and put in a binder.

Download the Free Day Planner 2.0

Original Free Day Planner and Time Management System