I’m pleased to announce a new look for geniustypes.com including a tour!

The new layout is meant to be a cleaner and more intuitive way to navigate all the articles I’ve written over the last three years. As you may know, geniustypes.com covers a wide range of topics from creative life to passive income. Keeping it all organized is a challenge aided by the new design.

Here are some of the new features:


The Tour!

I added a tour of the major categories starting on the home page next to my picture.

It takes you on a quick spin of the website with some simple descriptions of each category. The intent is to give people a greater understanding of what I write about and provide an opportunity for readers to discover something new.


The Mailing List

I’m placing more emphasis on the mailing list and newsletter than I have in the past.

If you are not already on the list, please sign up by filling out the form on the top of the right sidebar. There will be some content that I put out that is specific to the mailing list.


Category Descriptions

Each major category page now has a brief description and image at the top to orient visitors.

WordPress category pages can easily blend in with the rest of the website if you aren’t familiar with how WordPress operates. To eliminate any doubt, I decided to brand each major category.

Please Let Me Know What You Think

I’d love to know what you think of the new design! Please take the tour and come back to this page to fill out the survey below.