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Plugin Fun

As a self-proclaimed plugin addict, I was drawn to an article by Alex Shalman called Five Essential Plugins You Shouldn’t WordPress Without. I still can’t decide if I should go with Top Commentators or Most Recent Comments.

Butchering the English Language

Matthew Jabs of wrote an article called Commonly Misspoken Words and Phrases, where he brings up those annoying missuses of words that are floating around everywhere.

As bloggers, we are also writers, so these mistakes tend to pop out even more for us. My favorite misuse of the English language is the incorrect use of their/they’re/there.

The Next Goldmine?

Travis Wright of Cultivate Greatness points out that maybe we should be buying up domain names if we want to be the Trump of the internet. In his article
Why Domain Names are the Real Estate Market of the Future
, he talks about his obsession with buying domain names.

Does he have a point? Maybe. Domain names are cheap, usually less than $10, and the supply of coherent words that fit before .com is getting short. Once they are all chewed up, will this market heat up?

It makes sense, but is purely speculative at the moment. I wouldn’t go out and mortgage the house to start buying up domain names, but a handful might not be a bad idea.

To Feed or Not to Feed

Joe of Working at Home on the Internet expresses something that I have thought about a lot in his article Is RSS Hurting the Blogging Community? RSS feeds are a double-edged sword. They make life a lot easier for readers who have a lot of blogs to keep up with. The problem is that they don’t include much of what makes a blog’s user experience unique.

I would like to see RSS feeds of the future looking a lot more like the content on the publisher’s blog.

The Blogging Flu

Apparently, the flu is sweeping the blogosphere. Is it just a coincidence that Steve Olson caught the flu the same week I did, even though he is over 2000 miles away from me and I’ve never actually met the guy in person? Hmm. This could be a conspiracy.

I got knocked out on Tuesday and have been attached to my bed until today. I’ve never felt such pain from a bug before. If this thing really is contagious over the internet, you had better stop reading this post!

That’s it for today, my head is killing me.