I’ve got to admit, one of my favorite pastimes is wasting massive amounts of time tinkering with my WordPress plugins. I’m a sucker for “Top WordPress Plugins” posts on other people’s blogs.

I could browse the thousands of plugins at the WordPress Plugin Directory, but I find that it’s much easier to take recommendations from other bloggers.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, check out How to Blog :: The Manual.

Here are seven of my favorite lists followed by the plugins that I use on Genius Types. Remember, after you tinker with your site, make sure that it still jives on all browsers. Read Checking Browser Compatibility for more information.

Plugin Posts

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Plugins Used on Genius Types

Aksimet -saves me hours by fending off spam comments.
AdSense-Deluxe -an easy way to organize google ads.
Bookmark Me -the del.icio.us button at the bottom of my posts.
CG-SameCat -generates a list of pages in the same category.
Dean’s Permalinks Migration -get out of jail free card for changing my mind.
Exec-PHP -lets me run PHP in posts and pages.
Feedburner Feed Replacement -directs RSS feeds to feedburner.
Get Recent Comments -generates a list of recent comments in the sidebar.
Google Sitemaps -creates a Google-friendly sitemap.
Gregarious -Digg and Reddit buttons.
Kramer -converts inbound links to pingbacks.
MyAvitars -adds MyBlogLog avatars to comments.
Popularity Contest -most popular posts.
SEO Title Tag -customizes my title tags.
Show Top Commentators -lists the top contributers to comments.
SRG Clean Archives -archives that don’t give me a headache.
Subscribe to Comments -alerts people of follow-ups to their comments.
Tags in the Head -not entirely sure what this does, but makes me feel better.
Terong Related Links -lists related links.
The Excerpt Reloaded -customizable excerpts.
Underscore Permalinks -uses _ instead of – in permalinks.
Ultimate Tag Warrior -organizes tags for each post.
Contact Form -a simple contact form.