The reason it’s been quiet over here on Genius Types for the last few months is that I’ve been hard at work on a new project. Four months ago, I co-founded a real estate investing education company named Equity Academy with my business partner Shauwn Digman. We teach people how to invest in real estate through classes, bus tours, webinars, articles, and educational videos.

Our signature is a reality show that I am extremely proud of called “EquityTV.” Each month, we feature two investors who fit the tagline of the show: “Equity in Business, Equity in Life…”

Shauwn hosts one half of the show and I host the other. We take a look at the investor’s latest project and then take a peek at what they like to do for fun.

Here’s a sneak peek at one of sections of our latest show. The entire show and all the episodes are available for free in the Equity Academy member site located here.

In this episode, I interviewed Will Denker, “The Wholesale King of Texas.” Will is a master of the art of buying and selling real estate contracts. His job is to negotiate contracts on houses over the phone and sell the contracts to an investor for an “assignment fee.” (learn more about wholesaling here)