I made $1795.25 from passive income sources in July, up $262.45 (15%) over June.

The increase this month was due to gains in both blog income and network marketing.

July Passive Income

Some of my sources are more passive than others (as explained in How Passive is Your Income), but each source has a strong residual component.

Here are the the income streams in order of most income earned:

  1. $1019.28 – Bulk Candy Vending
  2. $534.48 – Blogging
  3. $241.49 – Network Marketing

(Read Five Ways to Create Passive Income With Little or No Money for more on these sources.)

Bulk Candy Vending – $1019.28

Bulk Candy vending has been holding strong. I haven’t added any new locations in the last few months, so income has leveled off.

The average profit per location was $23.70, right around my expectations of $25. Thats’ a 72% profit margin when accounting for the cost of candy.

(Read more about bulk vending in How to Start a Bulk Candy Vending Business for Passive Income.)

Blogging – $534.48

Blog income took another nice increase this month, mainly because of my new-found success with LinkWorth. Read the July Blog Income Report for a full breakdown.

(Read more about starting a blog in How to Blog :: The Manual.)

Network Marketing – $241.49

I’ve been putting a little more time into my network marketing company this last month, and it’s starting to pay off.

(Read more about network marketing here.)

Getting Closer!

My goal is to make enough passive income to pay all my expenses. At that point, my time will be free to do what I love: making film.