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Here is the latest video I produced showcasing an investment property that we flipped in Central Texas. It has been a few months since this video was shot, but the good news is that we sold it for more that we thought we would, so the numbers are even better.

Here are the actual numbers broken down (video used projected numbers):

$45,500 Purchase Price
$16,000 Rehab
$ 2,000 Closing Costs

$63,500 All In

$93,000 Sales Price
$63,500 All In

$29,500 Profit

Picture video camera 003We bought this house using a private lender who funded the purchase price and rehab. We were able to buy this house with no money out of pocket and our lender is getting a great interest rate plus a portion of the equity.

Picture video camera 011My detail-oriented readers might notice that the profit numbers shown here are higher than I reported on last month’s investing report. The difference is because I have included our lender’s equity portion in the figure shown here and the report only shows the equity portion owned by Shauwn and I.

Picture video camera 001You can click on each one of these pictures for a more detailed version. Please ask any questions in the comment section below!

Picture video camera 006We picked up this property for $45,500 and put $16,000 into the rehab.

Picture video camera 007This is a great example of why you shouldn’t let ugly houses scare you!

Picture video camera 002