To celebrate the reinstatement of Genius Types on Technorati after one month of mysterious banishment, I’m holding a favorite exchange party like the one hosted by Dosh Dosh.

Come on in and enjoy yourself! Here’s how to join the party:

1. Favorite Genius Types by clicking this link.

2. Leave a comment with your blog’s Technorati link at the bottom of this post. Get a Technorati favorite link for your blog here. I’ll return the favor by adding you to my favorites (as long as you don’t have a spam-blog).

3. Mingle with other bloggers in the comment thread by visiting their blogs and adding the ones you like to your favorites.

4. (Optional) Host your own favorite party by linking to this post in a post of your own. I’ll update this post with a link to your party as soon as I get the incoming link from Technorati.

Happy Technorati Party Everyone!

Other Parties

    2. AskaX World
    3. Gauravonomics
    4. Foreign Perspectives
    5. Digital Information Technology
    7. The Rojak Blog
    8. ShanKri-la
    9. Random Expressions
    10. Fyais
    11. Vinod Live!
    12. Rishiraj
    13. Tech Lock
    14. Technix Update
    15. Planet Apex
    16. Untwisted Vortex
    17. Garry Conn
    18. DOX
    19. Andy Beard
    20. i Thought, therefore i Blog
    21. Localingo
    22. Empower Women Now
    23. Random Expressions
    24. SMS Today
    25. My Online Collections
    26. Stories to Share
    27. Life at Work
    28. Shankar’s Tech Blog
    31. Spyware, Adware, & Registry Cleaning
    32. Life in the Fast Lane
    33. Nukilan Jejari Azhad
    34. Six Degrees of Inspiration
    35. Serendipity
    36. My Affiliate Journey
    37. Our Journey
    38. Ms. Latina Renee Enterprise, LLC
    39. Travel Blog for Business
    40. Technacular
    41. The Filipino Entrepreneur
    42. IndiaPRBlog
    43. Share Everything in Life
    44. Blogosquare
    46. Sleeping Princess
    47. Mom of Many Redheads
    48. Shakeroo’s Gold
    49. Blog About Money Online
    50. Cosmic Photo Art
    51. Must Read Files
    53. Thinking Tunnel
    54. The Outsider’s View
    55. Anja Merret
    56. Earn Money on the Web
    57. Spark Minute

(Leave a comment if I left you out!)

(Featured Photo by Nikita Kashner)