62,311 Page Views

Page Views on Genius Types increased from 43,442 in July to 62,311 in August, a 43.4% increase.

Here’s the raw data for 2007:

Raw Data

August Traffic

It’s interesting how traffic jumped up and down like a stock over the last 6 months. The spikes usually have to do with StumbleUpon traffic, which tends to come in bursts; although the quality is lower.

Page Views

August Traffic

Fortunately, the overall trend is up. The compound monthly growth rate (3 month rolling average) is sitting at 21%.

Money Post

It’s also interesting how one post can drive an entire site. I wrote Five Ways to Create Passive Income With Little or No Money almost a year ago and it’s still my #1 traffic producer with over 36,000 page views in it’s lifetime.

At $10 CPM, that post has been worth about $360 to me.

Top Five Posts for August:

  1. 5 Ways to Create Passive Inc. w/Little or No Money :: 9,925 pv
  2. Signs of Insecurity :: 4,071 pv
  3. What I’d Tell Myself if I Were 18 Again :: 3,378 pv
  4. Bulk Candy Vending for Passive Income :: 1,753 pv
  5. Free Day Planner and Time Management System :: 1,375 pv

Thanks, Lazy Man!

August Pie Chart

Top Five Referring Sites for August:

A huge thank you goes out to Corey of Lazy Man and Money.

He wrote a blind endorsement of Genius Types out of nowhere which seriously boosted my traffic and reader base for August.

Thanks again, and welcome to those referred by him.

Projected Traffic

August Projected Traffic

It’s fun to play around with the numbers and look into the future.

If Genius Types continues to grow exponentially at about 21% per month, I’ll be looking at over 3 million page views over the next 12 months!

Hmm, let’s see… at $10 CPM, that would mean $32,000.

That’ll do!

I guess we’ll all have to check back on this post in a year to see what happens.

Thanks for being a Genius Types reader!