Genius Types received 48,952 page views in June.

Unique visitors to Genius Types increased from 10,463 in May to 16,938 in June, a 38% increase.

May Feeds

Genius Types added 227 feedburner subscribers over the month (a 34% increase), averaging about 7.5 per day and ending the month with 671 subscribers.

The compound monthly growth rate (rolling average over the last 3 months) of overall traffic is 18%.

May Traffic


I moved from a Technorati Rank of 17,592 to 14,917.

Top Posts

Here are the top three posts for June:

1. Five Ways to Create Extra Income With Little or No Money :: 6,143 page views
1. The First Clue You’re Not a Critical Thinker :: 3,019 page views

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