66,207 Page Views

Page Views on Genius Types increased from 62,311 in August to 66,207 in September, a 6.3% increase.

Here’s the raw data for 2007:

Raw Data

August Traffic

Even though it wasn’t a huge jump over August, I’m happy to report that the growth was very organic. September showed a strong traffic increase without the assistance of lower-quality Stumble Upon traffic.

Page Views

August Traffic

The compound monthly growth rate since the beginning of the year is 25%.

Money Post

An article I wrote about Husker football really caught on amongst Nebraskans and set a record for most page views in a single month on Genius Types. At one point, the traffic on that article crashed the server for an hour.

The exciting part was that the traffic was almost entirely organic. Instead of relying on StumbleUpon for casual passer-bys, almost half the traffic to this article was from email referrals.

Top Five Posts for September:

  1. Husker Football & Nebraska’s Character :: 15,339 pv
  2. 5 Ways to Create Additional Inc. w/Little or No Money :: 5,934 pv
  3. Bulk Candy Vending for Additional Income :: 1,563 pv
  4. Free Day Planner and Time Management System :: 1,434 pv
  5. Blog Income August 2007 :: 1,061 pv

Strong Google Traffic

August Pie Chart

Top Five Referrers in August:

Google traffic increased 10% over last month and continues to be the bedrock of Genius Types.

HuskerPedia picked up my Husker article and sent it viral for Nebraska fans.

Corey’s blind endorsement of Genius Types on Lazy Man and Money continued to produce.

Projected Traffic

September Projected Traffic

Here’s this month’s dose of speculation:

If Genius Types continues to grow exponentially at about 25% per month, I’ll be looking at over 4.5 million page views over the next 12 months!

This, of course, is based on a compound monthly growth rate of 25%.

At $10 CPM, that would mean $45,000!

I could live with that.

Thanks for being a Genius Types reader!