3 Twitter Tricks

1) TweetAdder

-Automatically follows people for you
-Unfollows people who don’t reciprocate
-Search by keyword to follow people in your niche
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2) TweetDeck

-Stay on top of all the latest news from Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin
-Sort your social media into columns
-Columns for searches to stay up-to-the-second on certain terms
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3) Secondary Twitter Account for Text Message

-Receive mobile updates from your favorite Twitterers
-Avoids annoying automated direct messages sent to your cell phone

Celebrity Followings

Today I want to share a few twitter tricks that I’ve learned over the years. I joined Twitter right when it started about four years ago, and over the years there have been several different theories on how to maximize your twitter following.

Everyone knows a Twitter following is powerful, but there are a lot of conflicting theories on how to use it as effectively as possible.

One theory that I learned early on is exemplified by Jon Favreau, who’s one of my favorite actors. He starred in Swinger and also directed Iron Man. He’s got 800,000 followers but is only following 55 people back, which tells you he’s a celebrity. If someone like you or I did that, who didn’t have as much celebrity as Jon Favreau, a lot of the people who were following us would probably stop. Not following back is typically seen as bad form if you’re not a celebrity.

The same thing goes for Tim Ferriss. He’s the author of the “4 Hour Work Week,” and one of my favorite bloggers and thinkers. He has 140,000 followers but it only following 245 back. He can pull that off because of his celebrity status.

Following Back

Than Merrill, however, represents another theory. He’s the famous real estate investor from “Flip That House.” He’s following 52,000 people and 56,000 are following back. He’s using a different technique which is to follow back everyone who follows you and to go out and follow as many people as you can. Another good strategy is to follow as many people as possible within your related niche, because many of them will follow you back.

One mistake people often make is thinking that because 56,000 people are following someone that there’s actually 56,000 people getting that person’s message every time they send something out. While that’s theoretically true, Twitter is sort of like the Wild West. A lot of people are doing what Than’s doing- going out and following a whole bunch of people and hoping they follow back. So you can’t really pay attention to the 56,000 people. Really, out of the 56,000 people that are following him only 2-5% will respond or see the message he puts out.

Twitter Mobile

One thing I really like about Twitter is that it allows you to send text messages to your phone. You can go into settings, click mobile, put in your number, and then choose the people you want to receive a text message from whenever they send something out. I’ve found that for me, that’s the best way to keep on top of what the people I’m really interested in are doing. So if I want to follow the latest football news or find out what Tim Ferris is doing, I’ll have Twitter send their updates to my cell phone.

However the problem with following this many people is that a lot of them have direct messaging set up, and will directly message you whenever you follow them. When that happens you’ll have thousands of direct messages, and unfortunately Twitter will send those to your cell phone if you have your cell phone number put in there. That can become overwhelming if you’re using the strategy of following a lot of people.

I’ve set up a secondary account that only follows a few people who I don’t mind getting alerts on my cell phone from. So I have a separate Twitter account where I only follow people who’s news I want sent to my cell phone, and only provide my cell phone number for that account. That way I don’t have any problems with overwhelming text messages.


I use a couple special tools to help me manage my Twitter account. One special one I use is called TweetAdder. It costs less than $100, which is definitely worth it because it automatically follows people for you. Let’s say you were in the film industry and wanted to work with people who were Jon Favreau’s followers- well you could look through his list and manually add every one of his followers.

However Twitter only lets you add 1,000 a day and it takes forever- I used to do that. This program does it all for you. It will automatically follow people, follow back people, and unfollow people who are not reciprocating by following you back. This comes in handy because once you get to about 2,000 people you’re following, Twitter won’t let you follow any more than 10% more of the number of people following you. So what you end up doing is follow all the people you can up to the 10%, wait a few days, unfollow the people who aren’t following you, and then start following again.

Another cool thing you can do with this program is search by keyword, So for example, you can say, “I want to find people who are talking about passive income,” and search for the term “passive income.” You could also search for the followers of a person or someone with “passive income” in their profile data. Whatever niche your in, use your keywords to find people who have similar interests as you and follow all those people. Most of them will follow you back.


The next tool I like to use is called TweetDeck. It’s free and can be useful to you even if you’re not a big twitterer- it’s great for staying on top of all the latest news. It allows you to sort all your social media in columns that include people you’re following, people who’ve mentioned you, your facebook feed, searches for various keywords, specific bloggers you’re following, new followers, and more.

So TweetDeck is the best program to stay on top of the latest news, TweetAdder is best for automated Twitter following, and it’s always helpful to have a secondary account that’s connected to your cell phoen.