I started this blog in 2006 as a young entrepreneur who was looking for something more creative than the typical American life of 50-60 hour work weeks, skipping vacations to move up, and not hoping to see & enjoy the world until I was too old to do so. It’s amazing how much my perspective on how to accomplish this has changed since the beginning, but the original vision remains the same.

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So what is creative life? A creative life is one that you create on your own.. that you have a proactive engagement with… one that you engineer… as opposed to a life that is just given to you; that you just act out as if you were a slave to that life with no choices and no place to go.

At the root of this blog are philosophical questions… What do we want out of life? What makes us happy? How do we access those things? What is the meaning of life?

At the root of philosophy are basic principles that are the omnipresent framework of the universe we live in. One of those principles is duality. There’s always a balance between good and bad, old and young, black and white, light and dark. These opposing forces provide contrast for us to make sense of the world. There would be no happy without sad, not accomplishment without failure, no abundance without lack.

This blog focuses on the duality between productivity; your ability to make money, feed yourself, to shelter yourself, to clothe yourself; and creativity: the amount of enjoyment you seek out of life, your sense of adventure, expression, travel, sport and the like. Of course, the two go hand-in-hand; for example, you often need creativity to be more productive and you definitely need productivity to afford the be creative.

In this life, unless you were born into great wealth or are independently wealthy, you have a big obstacle to overcome in order to creatively engineer your life; and that’s why productivity is very important. Finding a source of income is integral to your ability to create your own life.

This blog is sectioned out into the creative life side and the productivity side. On the productivity side, career and entrepreneurship are a big part. While gainful employment is probably the best way for most people to create their own life, there are limiting factors. This blog explores entrepreneurial options above and beyond employment to help you engineer your own life; as well as ways to be an entrepreneur within the traditional employment system.

On the other side: the creative life side, there’s philosophy, travel (exploring your universe) and do-it-yourself (DIY), which is the act of creatively engineering the space you live in. Furthermore, learning how to build things yourself is a creative way to overcome the cost barrier which may have prohibited you from having the home you wanted.

This blog will often be of interest to creative types; but more so, it will be of interest to all people who seek to create their own life. Some people believe that you are either creative or not, but really it’s just another duality: there are two sides of your brain, the creative side and the productive (more practical) side.

The sides of your brain behave like a muscle, some people have stronger creative muscles and some people have stronger productive/practical muscles, but everyone was born with both.

The mission of this blog is to help people, in some small capacity, take steps toward engineering and creating their own life experience.