Everyone has genius within. Its fingerprint is passion. If you can find what you are passionate about, you are getting close to finding your inner genius.

The brain is very similar to a muscle. It needs to be exercised in order to develop. Different ways of thinking employ different brain muscles. If a person has been thinking one way all of his life, his unused brain muscles may be shriveled in atrophy, but they still exist.

Just like athletic talent, genius is developed in part by nature and in part by nurture. The brain is even more flexible than muscles, meaning that we have even more control over our genius. This is great news for self-determinists, like me.

Even more exciting is that there are many different types of genius. Most people believe that you are either smart or not, as if it were just as simple as black or white. In reality, there are many different brain “muscles” and therefore many different types of genius.

Our schools only reward specific types of genius, such as memorization and test-taking, and as a result, the people who do not fare well in these two areas are left believing they can never develop genius.

As an example, think of somone who is really great mechanic, but not so great at school. His favorite class is shop and when school is out he is under the hood of his car. His lack of achievement in school convinces him that he isn’t smart, which even spills over into doubt about his mechanic skills. If he would only realize that there are different types of genius and decide to focus with intensity on his passion, there is no limit to what he could accomplish.

Geniustypes are people who are actively nurturing their inner genius.
Geniustypes realize that both creativity and business sense are required for success.
Geniustypes realize that time freedom is as important as wealth.
Geniustypes see things differently than most.
Geniustypes are self-motivated.
Genustypes are both thinkers and doers.
Geniustypes might be Artists, Entrepreneurs, Investors, Writers, Musicians, Truth-Seekers, Visionaries, Leaders, Directors, Producers, Actors, or any other creative business person.