LinkWorth is a Text-Ad broker in the tradition of Text-Link Ads, with a special emphasis on Search Engine Optimization.

I’d never even heard of it until Matt (from the company) read my article on Text-Link Ads and left a comment to let me know that there was another option with quite a few features.

Last month, TLA was my #1 money earner; so I was open to hearing about similar concepts. I was skeptical, as I am with all promotions, but I decided to give it a shot.

Within my first two weeks with LinkWorth, I sold a text-link at 2 1/2 times what I was getting from TLA. They’ve got my attention now.


The first thing I noticed about LinkWorth was the wide range of options and flexibility it offers. It allows you to have more control over your advertising campaigns, whether you are an advertiser or a publisher.

For starters, publishers name their own price. I was able to set my price at what I thought my links were worth instead of leaving it up to someone else.

Higher Yield

LinkWorth offers publishers a 70% cut instead of the 50% cut at TLA; great for those who’s sites market themselves.

If you want help marketing your site, LinkWorth will help you out for a 50/50 split. I chose this option because I don’t want to spend time worrying about it.


LinkWorth has a number of tools that are of interest to bloggers and site owners, especially those who are interested in search engine optimization.

Meta Tag Generator

Plug in some keywords and information into a tidy form and it spits out meta tags.

Keyword Density

This neat tool breaks down the keyword density for the top 20 keywords on any page in your site.

Search Engine Position

Find out how you rank for certain keywords on search engines.

Link Analysis

Get a list of all internal and external links on any given web page.

SEO Forums

I learned a lot by browsing the SEO forums. LinkWorth advertisers share stories of what is working in the world of SEO and what’s not. They share tips about how to get the most out of LinkWorth.

Attractive Affiliate Program

LinkWorth affiliate program is much more robust than most because it pays in two ways: upfront and recurring.

Most affiliates just pay you a one time fee for a referral. LinkWorth pays you $10 upfront and also a 5% recurring percentage of all activity on your referral’s account.

I like the idea of a cashflow-based referral program because I believe in income streams over lump-sums. If you slowly compiled a referral base of LinkWorth customers who stuck around, you would easily set up a pretty decent cashflow stream.

Instead just getting paid once for a referral, you get paid over and over again as long as they remain a LinkWorth customer. Instead of having to re-create your referral income each month, each referral adds to your existing base.

Worth a Try

LinkWorth is definitely worth a try. It doesn’t cost anything for publishers and advertisers can start as small as they want. It’s an easy way to generate advertising revenue for publishers or to improve SEO for advertisers.

Sign up for LinkWorth here. (My referral id is 4431)