This income report has been revised because of an account adjustment by LinkWorth.

In an email dated September 11, 2007, LinkWorth notified all affiliates that a programming error had overstated affiliate earnings on new referrals. As a result of this mistake, they debited $300 from my account ($90 of which they had already deposited into my bank account for July, and $210 for September).

At the time, I had referred around 30 new publishers and each time I logged into my LinkWorth account, I saw a $10 credit for each of these referrals. LinkWorth claims that their policy never included this credit, and that it was a mistake to show it in our accounts.

Because of this change, my LinkWorth earnings in August were actually $138.71 instead of the $348.71 reported in this post; and total earnings were $631.58 instead of $841.58.

Genius Types blog income was up an incredible 57% in August, with earnings totaling $841.58. The gains were fueled in large part by stellar results from LinkWorth.

The compound growth rate (three-month rolling average) has consistently registered at 50% per month!

With 62,311 page views in August, my ICM (income per 1000 page views) was $13.51, up about 10% from last month.

I predicted this blog would grow exponentially, but I had no idea the growth curve would match up this perfectly.

July Income

Income Breakdown

LinkWorth $348.71

    LinkWorth has been a surprise money-maker since I introduced it to Genius Types last month. LinkWorth is a text-link broker in the spirit of Text-Link Ads, but with more flexibility.

    It claimed the top money-making spot in its second month.

    Since LinkWorth allows us to set our own prices for ads, I’ve been able to harvest a higher fee per link. I sold another link in August to bring my total to three ads. I get 50% of the $100 fee per link for a pro-rated total of $138.71.

    LinkWorth also has an outstanding affiliate program that gives you $10 per signup and 5% of the recurring transactions for the life of each account. Being a cashflow guy, I really like this model of recurring residual income.

    As a result of an article I wrote about Linkworth, 21 people signed up last month, giving me a total of $210 in referral fees.

Google AdSense $259.74

    AdSense income jumped 39% in August. The click-through rate has continued to be strong, and the average income per click is edging up slightly. Of coarse, the main reason AdSense income increased was the dramatic increase in pageviews.

August AdSense Income

Text-Link Ads $203.26

    I reached a significant milestone with Text-link Ads in August when I sold out the ad slots. Unfortunately, TLA has kept the fee for each ad the same since I opened an account with them.

Amazon Affiliate Program $22.31

    I’ve been pleasantly surprised with my Amazon affiliate income lately. I never really expect to make anything with them, but I’m selling more and more books for them with each book review.

Tips $4.95

    I’m always amazed at people’s generosity when they leave something in my tip jar! Thank you to everyone who has!

Revver $2.61

I can’t wait to see what next month will bring!