Income produced on Genius Types jumped by a whopping 61% in May! Total earnings rose to $245.41.

The three-month rolling compound monthly growth rate of income earned is at 51%. Can you imagine a stock that grew at 51% per month!

Income Breakdown

    $113.81 from Google AdSense
    $105.33 from Text-Link Ads
    $12.00 from tips
    $10.00 from Amazon Affiliate Commissions
    $2.91 from Steve Aitchison’s Affiliate Program
    $1.36 from

May Income

Google AdSense

Since I broke $100 a month with Adsense in April, it’s been really fun to check my stats. I set a one-day record in May with $12.55. Here’s a breakdown over the last six months.

May AdSense Income

Text-Link Ads

I sold $105.33 worth of Text-link ads in May, more than doubling my April number.


It was a good month for tips. After going dry in April, my tip jar had 3 tips for $12 in May.

I changed my tip request in May from “please consider leaving a tip” to “please consider leaving a $1 tip.” Maybe the strategy of a specific number paid off.

Amazon Affiliate Program

I earned $10.00 in April from book sale commissions. A renewed emphasis on book reviews appears to be working out.

Steve Aitchison

I sold an eBook for Steve Aitchison that earned me a commission of $2.91.


Last, but not least, I earned $1.36 from

Thanks for your support of Genius Types!