I thought I was getting tired of all things to do with The Secret until I read John Assaraf’s Having It All – Achieving Your Life’s Goals and Dreams.

I expected to read a remixed version of the movie, but instead I was left motivated and curious to learn more about Mr. Assaraf. The book is rich with inspirational wisdom and specific goal setting instruction. I found myself relating to his down-to-earth style and unique background.

Vision Board

I remember John’s part in the movie by the story he told about his son finding his “vision board.” Several years earlier, he had put together a board with clippings that represented his vision for the future.

He had forgotten about it by the time his son discovered it upon moving into his new house. As he was trying to explain what it was, he became very emotional when he realized that he was living in the exact house he had envisioned for himself several years earlier.

The Street Kid

Assaraf has a unique perspective because he was once a self-described “street kid”; having lived a life of petty crime before taking control of his destiny and achieving great success. Some of the lessons he learned on the street helped him later in life.


I especially liked the book’s balance between science, spirituality, and practicality. Most success books tend to focus on one of these areas. I respect an author who recognizes that we are multi-dimensional beings.

John spends time exploring scientific issues such as brain function and physics, spiritual issues such as the law of attraction and meditation, and practical issues such as goal setting.

Seven Natural Laws

I was particularly interested in Chapter 4 titled, “The Great Law and the Seven Natural Laws that Will Change Your Life Forever.” Here he breaks down the law of attraction, polarity, rhythm, relativity, cause and effect, gender and gestation, and the law of perpetual transmutation of energy.

My favorite was the section on The Law of Rhythm, in which he likens the universe to an ocean. The powerful waves and currents of life cannot be fought. Instead, it’s best to learn to go with the flow.

Goal Setting

The book contains at least two dozen pages of goal setting worksheets. This feature alone is worth the cover price.

Taking the time to fill out the worksheets will leave you with a greater sense of who you are, where you are, and where you are going.

Seven Power Factors

Another great section of the book discussed “The Seven Power Factors:” persistence, attitude, discipline, vision, purpose, focus, and action.

Even though these were familiar constructs, reading John’s explanation was quite motivating. Realizing that all of these factors are within a person’s control painted a roadmap for accomplishment.

A Great Read

I’ve been fortunate enough to have picked a string of really great books lately. Since I started Genius Types, I’ve had a lot of like-minded people offer winning suggestions. Having It All – Achieving Your Life’s Goals and Dreams by John Assaraf was no exception.