Monetization of Genius Types is right on schedule. I’m happy with the amount of money I’m earning and especially the growth rate.

The compound monthly growth rate of income earned on in 2007 is 24%. If it continues to grow at this rate, Genius Types will earn over $1000 in March 2008.

Six Months to $100

I was reading a thread on Steve Pavlina’s Forum discussing the idea that it takes six months of good blog posts to achieve $100/month from Google AdSense. Most of the other responses echoed the truth in this general rule of thumb.

Steve himself responded, saying that he earned $53.02 in his fifth month, and $114.63 in his sixth. Reading this validated my performance, since March was my fifth full month of blogging and I earned $74.46 from AdSense.

Total Income

March’s total income was $96.97.

    $74.46 from Google AdSense
    $10.00 from Text-Link Ads
    $10.00 from Tips
    $2.21 from Amazon Affiliate Commissions
    $.30 from

This was a 36% increase over February’s total of $71.25.

March Income

Google AdSense

AdSense has been my most productive and reliable income source since the beginning. Here is a breakdown of my AdSense revenue over the last five months:

March AdSense Income

Text-Link Ads

In March, I sold my first Text-Link ad spot. Thank you for buying a link.


March was the second month in a row that I earned $10 in tips. Thank you Matthew Jabs of for your generous contribution and article.

Amazon Affiliate Program

I earned $2.21 in March from book sale commissions. I don’t know any blogger that is making much from Amazon, but I think it’s worth the value it provides to readers.


I only earned $.30 from this month. This brings my all-time total up to $14.70. Almost all of this income is from the ads at the end of the videos in the article Five Ways to Create Extra Income with Little or No Money.

As I add more video content to this site, I’ll see this number rise.

Thank you to everyone for your support of Genius Types. It’s exciting to see my hard work paying off by people finding value in my posts!