Genius Types is all about the fusion of Creative Life and Passive Income. I like income sources that allow me the time freedom to be creative; but I love income sources that pay me to be creative.

That’s why I love the concept behind Revver is a user-driven video distribution network, but unlike YouTube, Revver shares it’s revenue with two groups: 1. content creators and 2. content distributers.

I’ve always like the concept of YouTube: allowing the average creative type a chance to put their work out there, but I never understood how they could hoard all the ad revenue for themselves.

Revver is trying to change all of this with their concept of attaching ads to the end of videos and splitting the revenue with the creator and distributor.

Here are the two ways you make money with Revver.

1. As the content creator, Revver offers to split its revenue 50/50 with you.
2. As the distributor of someone else’s content, Revver offers you 20% of the total revenue (the remaining 80% will be split 50/50 with the creator).

This gives anyone a chance to get in the game. Not everyone has the ability to produce creative videos on a consistent enough basis to make money with Revver, but everyone has the ability to distribute other people’s work.

Your Own TV Channel

For example, you might decide that you want to start your own internet TV channel. You start up and load it up with a WordPress Blog. Every day, you spend about 20 minutes browsing picking and choosing content for

You provide the service of weeding through all of the boring stuff so viewers can get reliably good video every day.

Since you have an eye for talent, you’re able to pick the ones that sweep the web like The Diet Coke & Mentos Experiments. You can share in the traffic firestorm when these videos go viral.

Throw in some AdSense, and you might be in the money.

While you’re at it, don’t forget to include my videos! (You can view Genius Types Films on Revver here.)


From my own videos, I’ve earned a total of $12.86 from 1873 views, for an eRPM (effective revenue per thousand views) of $6.86; which is pretty decent. I haven’t been serious about promoting video until just recently, so stay tuned for bigger numbers.

Short Attention Span

I’ve found that people on the internet don’t have much patience, so videos that are short and fast-moving are the most effective. Try to find videos that are less than 5 minutes long and hold your attention to the end (where the ad is!)


You really can’t lose with Since the ads don’t appear until the end of the video, you aren’t giving up any precious web real-estate. Good video content on your site will attract more visitors who might also click on your AdSense and affiliate links.

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(Vew Genius Types Films on Revver here.)